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The following taken by Trev

Green Mountain Motorheads Show @ Cody Chevrolet 2008....(14 images)

Adirondack Nationals 2008....(2 images)

Worcester Summer Nationals 2008....(2 images)

Green Mountain Motorheads Show at Cody Chevrolet 10/8/07....(16 images)

3rd Annual Better Late Than Never Car Show 9/29/07....(15 images)

NSRA Northeast Nationals Exxex Junct. VT 9/23/07....(39 images)

"Adirondack Nationals" 9/7 - 9/9/07...(3 pages, 128 images)

St. Albans Town Bay Car Show 8/18/07....(29 images)

Worcester Summer Nationals MA 2007 ....(5 images)

Antique Car Show Stowe, VT 8/07....(7 images)

Laconia Nationals NH 2007 ....(3 images)

Fort Ticonderoga NY 2007 ....(4 images)

"Adirondack Nationals" 2006 ....(4 images)

"Adirondack Nationals" 2005 ....(4 images)

"Adirondack Nationals" 9/04....(12 images)

"Superchevy Show" Epping New Hampshire 2003....(8 images)

"Adirondack Nationals" 9/03....(16 images)

St. Albans at the Drive-In 8/03....(11 images)

Internet Albums: Camaros
(89 images)

(14 images)

(11 images)

(4 images)

(3 images)

(47 images)

(75 images)

(4 images)

Babes & Cars (39 images)

Cool Stuff: Custom Classics
Belair Camaro
57 El Camino
56 Belair Pickup
63 Fastback Nova

Big Motors
Obstructing the drivers view
Obstructing the drivers view

Special Carz
Earnhardts '72 Camaro

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Welcome to Trevy's Chevy's. The home for the New England classic car enthusiast. This website includes over 300 pictures of classic car shows in the New England area taken by my girlfriend and I. Over 300 pictures of classic cars around the internet and over 450 links to classic dealers, magazines and galleries. If you have any pictures, information or questions on cars and shows please email me at Please be sure to vote for your favorite chevy below!

Dennis Brittell

Nice aztec bronze 1966 Chevy II SS owned by Dennis and Peggy Brittell of Bristol, VT. Here he is rolling down the winners stage at the Lebanon Valley Car Show, 2006.
Brittell's Cars of the Past & Future
History of 1966 Chevy II

Tim Wisell

1988 Montecarlo SS owned by Tim Wisell of Rutland, VT. This car is all bone stock original, a low mileage car. It is set up for nitrous however, gives him an extra 100 hp. Sports a 305ci V8.

Tim's Car

Ron Greene

Nice blue and black top 1968 Chevelle SS owned by Ron Greene of Bristol, VT, sitting at the St. Albans Town Bay Car Show 8/18/07.

Ron's Car

Walt Van Winkle

1967 RS Camaro owned by Walt Van Winkle of Colchester, VT. This picture was taken at the 4th annual St. Albans Town Bay Car Show of 2007. Looking to possibly sell, wants a split bumper second generation camaro in good shape.

Walt's Car

History of the First Generation

Travis Green

A nice 1970 Chevelle SS owned by Travis Greene of Bristol, VT. It was totally restored from ground up and painted by him. A top trophy winner at almost every show, this car is flawless!.....This car is now sold $77,000.

Travis' Cars of Past & Future
Pictures Are In!!!
Travis' New 69 Chevelle


1966 Chevy II Nova owned by Brian and Jennifer Morin of Addison, VT.

Tim Donovan

1951 Chevrolet 3100 pickup sporting a 454ci motor for sale on the streets at the Lake George car show 2005. The owner Tim Donovan of Addison, VT, sold it for $29,000 cash at the show.

Donovans Cars of the Past & Future

John Lucia

A nice 1966 Chevy Impala with a 283 once owned by John and Shirley Lucia of Bristol, VT. This picture was taken at the Lake George Car Show back in '99. He is now working on a 1955 Belair project nearing its end.

John's Impala

Pictures Are In!!!
Johns Project 55

My Car Buddies

A nice line of Chevy's sitting at their motel during the 1999 Adirondack Nationals Car Show. Left to right, Brittell's 66 Chevy II, Lucia's 66 Impala and Louis Rheaume's 1963 Chevy Impala.

Louis Rheaume

This nice 1958 Chevy Apache 3100 pickup was once owned by Louis Rheaume of Bristol, VT. It is now owned by a couple living in Massachusettes.

Tiny Tim

Tim Thompson's 1957 4-dr Belair. Car is in need of restoration but sounds and looks good going down the road.

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