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First Generation Camaro History

The General Motors Corporation first introduced the camaro to compete with fords mustang which by 1966 it had sold almost half a million units in one year. The camaro was based upon the upcoming compact nova body style. The name "camaro" was crossed in a french dictionary meaning "friend" or "companion". Before the camaros official release it was code named "wildcat", "panther", "chaparrel" and even "nova". When the automotive press asked GM "what is a camaro?" they replied "its a small, vicious animal thats eats mustangs!"

The very first camaro was introduced in California on September 26th, 1966, the base model price in '67 was $2,466, of course there were many package options to be added like the Rallysport and Supersport editions. Only 64,842 RS packages were made costing the onwer an extra $76. A 2 door RS coupe cost $2,571 and a 2 door RS convertible ranged from $2,809-2,914, only 10,675 were sold. A SS 2 door coupe ranged from $2,783-3,072. A SS convertible cost $3,019-3,309. Only 34,411 Supersport packages were made that year. There was also a package by the name of "Z28" if you didn't already know.

1967 Z28 owned by Jerry MacNeish.

The 1967 Z28 was first mentioned to GM by Vincent W. Piggins. It had no badged or markings that were obvious of it being a Z28. The Z28 performance package option came with a 302ci motor with 290hp. The package added an extra $358.10 to the base price, total price $3,273.

The popularity of the 1967 camaro soared when it was out in front at the Indy 500 races. GM produced 3 these RS/SS convertible pace cars just for the Indy 500. It is unknown how many were sold to the public, the best guess is at least under 1000 units.

The total production in 1967 was 220,906 (58,761 V6) this included 160,648 base coupes and 25,141 base convertibles, 56% of these cars had automatic transmissions.


(L36 option) 230ci V6, 140hp

(L22 option) 250ci V6, 155hp @ 4200rpm, 235lbs-ft @ 1600rpm

(Z28 option) 302ci, 290hp @ 5800rpm, 290lb-ft @ 4200rpm

(LF7 option) 327ci, 210hp

(L30 option) 327ci, 275hp

(L48 option) 350c1, 295hp @ 4800rpm, 380lbs-ft @ 3200rpm

(L38 option) 396ci, 325hp @ 4800rpm, 410lbs-ft @ 3200rpm

(L78 option) 396ci, 375hp@ 5600rpm, 415lbs-ft @ 3600rpm

The 1968 Camaro came out wit a few minor changes. The vent windows were dropped, "Astro Ventilation" was added and side marker lights were added. Another engine option was added this year, the 396 4 barrel carb(L34), 350hp. The rarest of the 396 motors was the aluminum heads (L89), only 272 were made in '68 and 311 in '69.

The 1968 Z28 sold around 7,199 units this year, alot more availability then the year before when they sold 602. This year the Z28 was more recognized with Z28 or 302 chrome badges located on the front of the cars. GM manufactured 235,147 (50,937 V6) camaros in 68. Only 40,977 rallysport coupes packages were sold, 25000 less then the year before and 27,882 SS packages.

The 1969 camaro was the most successfull of this generation selling 243,085 models. The 1969 camaro saw several modifications, including a deeper grll set, wider taillamps, an eye-brow" crease on the rear and front wheel wells extending to the back. The new engine choices included the 307ci, 200hp (L14) motor, 350ci motor with a boosted 300hp (L48) and a 427 ci "RAT" motor could be added to your camaro. These rat motors were put in by some of the most unique chevy names like Baldwin Motion, Yenko, Nickey, Berger and COPO. GM manufactured 19,014 Z28's this year including 37,773 RS, and 33,980 SS.