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This nice 1970 GTO Judge is owned by Bill Borin of Shadyside, Maryland. It has a 474ci pontiac engine powered by two 6-71 BDS blowers, creating up to 1200 hp, plus a nitrous setup adding an extra 300hp, the engine weighs almost 1000lbs alone and is 57 inches tall from the oilpan to the top of the scoop.

On his way to the Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio of 2005, a tire blew on the trailer sending it out of control and tipping it over. He still went to the show and got 1st place in the prostreet class!

"GTO Babe 1"

"GTO Babe 2"

"GTO Babe 3"

"GTO Babe 4"

"GTO Babes 5"

"GTO Babes 6"

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